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Zhejiang Yingce Electric Power

Zhejiang Yingce Electric Power Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It holds the Class C qualification certificate for power industry (transmission engineering, transformer engineering) design issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department, and can engage in transformer design within the voltage range of 110KV and below With corresponding construction project general contracting business, project management and related technical and management services, the company has trained a group of high-quality and experienced design talents after more than ten years of experience and precipitation.

Zhejiang Yingce Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, and has obtained the power installation license of the Commission of Electricity Regulatory Commission for installation, repair, and test; it has obtained the safety production license issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; Has obtained the third level of power engineering construction general contracting, the third level of construction engineering general contracting, the third level of professional contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, the third level of urban roads and lighting, the third level of intelligent building, and transmission and transformation issued by the Shengzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau Certificate III in electrical engineering.  The company has entered the construction fields of mechanical and electrical, electronics, power transmission and transformation, solar power generation and other industries.

Zhejiang Yingce Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. produces high and low voltage switch cabinets, 35KV box transformers, combiner boxes, power distribution cabinets, and central cabinets. It has more than 20 acres of production bases.

Zhejiang Yingce can provide one-stop services for power consumption and power generation owners from design, product, construction, and power transmission to the grid. It also provides protection settings for power grid connection projects, the preparation of operating regulations and typical operation tickets, and grid start-up solutions. Technical services.  The company's excellent technology and satisfactory service are well received by customers.