• Power construction

    Power construction Zhejiang Yingce Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is located at No. 143-145 Hesan Road, Shengzhou CityContact Now

  • Power design

    Power design The design company is one of the few non-public-owned power design companies in the province. It holds a Class C design certificate fContact Now

  • Electrical Equipment

    Electrical Equipment Zhejiang Yingce Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was newly established in September 2010. The company is located at Longhai Road, OujiaContact Now

  • Technical Services

    Technical Services The company enters the field of distribution network installation and engages in corresponding relay protection, high and low voltageContact Now

  • Powerhouse inspection

    Powerhouse inspection The company has a skilled and professional inspection team, combined with the 7X24-hour TRMS online monitoring system, through the inContact Now

  • Weibao

    Weibao The company provides power house maintenance services to power users. After more than ten years of development and expeContact Now

  • Power test

    Power test Including transfer test service and preventive test service, it is a new electrical energy testing and inspection service provided byContact Now

  • Operational monitoring

    Operational monitoring The operation monitoring service provided by New Energy is based on comprehensively developed software and hardware technologies suchContact Now

  • Power overhaul

    Power overhaul The company has set up a professional maintenance and inspection team, and the power special transformer customers provide professionContact Now

  • YBW outdoor box-type substation

    YBW outdoor box-type substation The skeleton structure of the substation is made of channel steel and angle steel. It has reliable mechanical strength. The outer ligContact Now

  • HXGN- (12, 24) AC metal-enclosed switchgear

    HXGN- (12, 24) AC metal-enclosed switchgear HXGNI-12ZF (R) box-type fixed metal-enclosed switch The mechanism is used to operate the load switch, and the earthing switch and theContact Now

  • KYN28A- (12, 24) indoor metal

    KYN28A- (12, 24) indoor metal KYN28A12 indoor metal armored medium-volume removable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the switch) is a three-phase AC 50Hz indContact Now

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