YBW outdoor box-type substation

YBW outdoor box-type substation

Product Details

The substructure of the substation is made of channel steel and angle steel, which has reliable mechanical strength. In the design of power transmission, Wailiang can provide various metal, stainless steel and non-metal cabinets according to different applications of users. The products are beautiful and environmentally friendly. And has good anti-corrosion performance. Each room of the substation is separated into independent small rooms by partitions. The top cover is double-layered to prevent heat radiation. An exhaust fan is installed on the top of the transformer to automatically control the temperature of the transformer room, increase air convection and reduce room temperature. The rotatable connection parts of the substation are sealed with 櫲 tape, which has better moisture resistance.


1. The outdoor substation is composed of the connection surface of high-voltage power distribution, transformer and low-voltage power distribution, and is divided into three functional barriers (high-voltage declaration, transformer transformation and low-voltage declaration). There are multiple power supply methods for high-voltage side primary power supply, and high-voltage metering components can be installed to meet the requirements of high-voltage metering. Variable pressure weight can select 87, 89 and other low loss oil-immersed transformers and dry transformers. The transformers are equipped with self-starting forced air cooling system and open system. Low-pressure children can adopt round and fine structure according to user requirements. It forms a user-supplied power supply scheme, with multiple functions such as power distribution, Dianming power distribution, reactive power image, energy measurement and power measurement, etc., to meet the different requirements of users and facilitate the user's power management and improve the quality of power supply.

2. The structure of the high-voltage room is tight and reasonable, and it has a comprehensive function of preventing misoperation. The transformer can be provided with rails when it is requested by the user, which can be easily accessed from the gates on both sides of the transformer. All components used in high and low pressure are reliable in performance, easy to operate, make the product safe for long-distance travel, and easy to operate.

3. Adopt natural ventilation and forced ventilation to make the ventilation cool. The transformer and low-pressure children have ventilation channels, and the exhaust fan has a temperature control capacity. It can automatically start and close according to the set temperature to ensure that the transformer operates at full load.

4. The box structure is made of copper and angle steel, which has strong mechanical strength. The outer light is made of aluminum alloy heat-insulating composite board, stainless steel plate or non-metallic material. The surface is smooth and flat. The product is beautiful and generous, and has good insulation. Hot fruit and strong antiseptic properties. There are partitions between each room to form independent small rooms, and the small rooms are all equipped with surface-mounted units, which are controlled by doors. The top of the transformer transformer is equipped with an exhaust fan, which automatically controls the transformer temperature to increase the air to the liquid to reduce the temperature of the child. The rotatable connection parts of the transformer substation are sealed with rubber bands and have strong moisture resistance. Our company already has a full set of drawings and materials approved by the province, and all of them are computerized and stored in the computer. If the standard solution, simply use words can complete high-quality, high-quality design tasks. If it is not standard, we can strictly meet the ISO9001 quality system requirements according to user requirements, and quickly design CAD drawings that meet user requirements.

5. As an important power supply unit in the electric distribution network, this product is a pre-assembled product that integrates high voltage control, protection, power transformation, and power distribution equipment. It is used for 50z three-phase AC, and the rated voltage of the transformer is 1600KWA. Widely used in main residential quarters, factories and mining enterprises, hotels, hospitals, public circles, oil fields, airports, docks, railways and temporary facilities and outdoor power supply places.

6. This equipment complies with the requirements of the national standard GB39063-35kV AC Metal Closed Switchgear and the international standard IEC298.