HXGN- (12, 24) AC metal-enclosed switchgear

HXGN- (12, 24) AC metal-enclosed switchgear

Product Details

AC metal-enclosed switchgear in line design

HXGNI-12ZF (R) box-type fixed metal-enclosed switch

For AC 50Hz and 10kV networks as load breaking and short-circuiting and closing short-circuit current, this ring network cabinet is equipped with manual and electric spring mechanisms to operate load switches, and grounding switches and disconnectors are equipped with manual operating mechanisms.

Use of environmental conditions

1. The upper limit of the environment is 10 ° C and the lower limit is -25 ° C

2.Sea height is not more than 10000m

3. The daily average value of relative diffuseness is not more than 95%, and the monthly average position is not more than 90%. The daily average value of water vapor is not more than 22x10pa. Monthly average is not greater than 1Bx10p

4. Peripheral air is not contaminated by light sources such as gas or water vapor

5. No repetitive strong vibration

Technical requirements The ring network cabinet with N-10630 vacuum load switch should be able to meet all the corresponding technical requirements of ZFN10830 vacuum load switch

Structure and working principle

This ring network cabinet is mainly equipped with N-10630 vacuum load switch with air as the insulation medium. The main schemes include incoming cabinet and outgoing cabinet.

1 incoming cabinet solution

The main circuit in the cabinet has a FN port 10/630 vacuum load switch. It is equipped with an isolation knife and a grounding knife. The three are installed on a rack and interlocked. . Therefore, it can realize the operation of connecting three positions of busbar, disconnection and grounding, and CT, PT and other components can be installed in the cabinet.

2.Outlet cabinet solution

The main back of the cabinet is composed of a ZFN port-10630 vacuum load switch, a fuse with an impactor (with the function of an isolation switch) and a grounding knife. It can also be realized in a three-station operation cabinet. CTPT and NO Components such as lightning arresters, so measuring cabinets can sometimes be omitted. The incoming and outgoing line cabinets are equipped with a border protection barrier partition that is connected to the grounding switch. The switches, partitions and cabinet doors in the cabinet are mechanically interlocked and meet the "five defenses" requirement. The protection level of the cabinet is P2X