Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment

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Zhejiang Yingce Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was newly established in September 2010. The company is located at Longhai Road, Oujiang District, Quzhou City, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. GCS, GCK, MNS) , box transformers, combiner boxes and other electrical equipment. Has nearly 20 acres of production base  

The company currently has a group of high-quality outstanding senior engineers and industrial and technical personnel.
The company has design department, office, finance department, marketing department, chief office, information center and other functional departments.

The company has complete information network facilities and management information systems, all of which implement CAD computer-aided design.

The company erected the leading concept of science and technology, continuously absorbed and mastered advanced power science and technology and scientific and technological achievements, and promoted the progress of enterprises with science and technology. Establish a brand-new service concept, provide customers with solution-based full-service, run the service through the entire process of enterprise operation and management activities, and win user trust with service.
The company has an energetic and competitive excellent team, flexible operating mechanism and unique employment methods, which provides a wide range of development space for the people with lofty ideals who love the power design industry. As the company grows, Strong to realize their own life values ​​and personal dreams.