KYN28A- (12, 24) indoor metal

KYN28A- (12, 24) indoor metal

Product Details

Indoor metal armored removable switchgear

KYN28A12 indoor metal armored medium-volume removable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the switch) is a three-phase AC 50Hz indoor complete power distribution device for receiving and distributing 3-12 kV network power and implementing circuits Control protection and monitoring. Various types of microcomputer-based integrated relay protection devices can be installed on the panel of the relay cab of this product, and the system can be intelligently controlled. It has remote control, telemetry, remote signaling and remote adjustment functions, and is controlled by the CAN bus with a communication interface. Field network. And it has the functions of preventing the misoperation of the circuit breaker, preventing the push-pull handcart with load, preventing the earthing switch from being turned on and off, preventing the earthing switch from transmitting power at the grounding position, and preventing accidentally entering the electrified interval. This cabinet can be equipped with VS (ie ZN3) and ZN12V vacuum circuit breakers, and can also be equipped with imported VD4 vacuum circuit breakers and VC series vacuum contactors.

Environment conditions

1. Zhou country air temperature upper limit + 40 ℃ lower limit one area -10 ℃

2 'Haisou: 1000m

3. Relative humidity: daily average value is not more than 95%, monthly average value is not more than 90%. Water pressure: daily average value is not more than 22KPa, monthly average value is not more than 18KPg. Condensation may occur when the temperature drops, accompanied by pollution . This product is suitable for the following two environmental conditions that are more severe than normal

(1) Inconsistent calculation (on average no more than twice a month) with slightly dirty seconds

(2) Generally, there is no condensed text (on average no more than twice a year).

4. No fire, explosion, dangerous face, and serious dirt, etc. are enough to rot metal and destroy insulation gas, etc.

5. There is no severe vibration, and the inclination does not exceed 8 °

Note: 1. Allow storage and transportation at 30 ℃

2. When the sea looks for more than 1000m, follow the JBZ102 "Technical requirements for high-voltage electromedicine using sea technology areas". When the sea does not exceed 2000m, low voltage auxiliary equipment

Do nothing.

3. When the actual conditions of use are different from the above, it should be negotiated between the user and the manufacturer