Operational monitoring

Operational monitoring

Product Details

The operation monitoring service provided by New Energy is based on the comprehensive application of software and hardware technologies such as IoT, embedded, communication and database, cloud computing, and data mining, which are independently developed, with the help of GPRS, Ethernet, power transmission design, fiber optics, etc. A scalable and open power user substation operation monitoring and enterprise power management basic platform (TRMS system) constructed by external communication methods, providing users with real-time remote power data collection, online monitoring and alarming of operating status, historical data statistics, and Analysis and other services can effectively speed up the response to abnormal conditions of the power distribution system, improve the security of the power supply and distribution system, and provide technical support for remote monitoring and unattended operation. At the same time, based on the TRMS system, new energy can help companies build enterprise energy management centers, and further combine scientific energy efficiency management methods to help companies take measures from load management, equipment energy efficiency, production arrangements, and technical improvements to achieve power and cost savings.

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