How to use and protect 10KV ring network cabinet
- 2019-05-23-

Based on the many years of application experience of domestic and foreign counterparts in the ring network cabinet, combined with the actual characteristics of domestic integrated automation systems, the power automation high-tech products that integrate protection, monitoring, control, communication and other functions have been developed. Ideal electrical unit for intelligent switchgear. This product has a built-in protection library composed of more than twenty standard protection programs, and has a complete and powerful acquisition function for the voltage and current analog and switching values ​​of the primary equipment (current measurement is achieved through protection CT). Models are: 10KV ring network cabinet , 20KV ring network cabinet, etc.

Microcomputer protection

Since the ring network cabinet is subject to high voltage, a protection device is required to protect the ring network cabinet. The use of microcomputer protection devices in ring network cabinets is becoming more and more popular.

Due to the small size and low cost of the ring network cabinet, a cost-effective and practical microcomputer protection device is needed.

Protection requirements

Scope of application: mainly applicable to user projects such as 10KV;

Protection unit: line, main transformer backup, motor, capacitor, reactor, self-throwing, PT, non-electricity;

Product appearance: Ultra-thin body within 100mm is especially suitable for cabinets such as ring network cabinets;

Product material: alloy shell, anti-electromagnetic interference test conforms to national standards;

Operating circuit: without anti-jump, can be used with various built-in anti-jump switches;

Communication: Optional with or without RS485 communication interface.


The ring network cabinet has not appeared for a long time, but has been widely used. This is mainly due to the newly developed industrial enterprises and institutions. From the perspective of power supply and distribution, among them, small capacity is the majority Its power distribution transformer generally does not exceed 1250KVA, stable power supply for a long time, and high-voltage switches are not operated frequently. For such users, the performance of the ring network cabinet is not perfect, but it is sufficient. With the large-scale urban construction, a large number of large high-rise buildings are rising, and the transformer substations are often located downstairs. According to fire protection requirements, the transformer and distribution equipment must be "oil-free" and based on the rational use of the construction area Transformer and distribution equipment should be "miniaturized", so ring network cabinets or vacuum circuit breakers, dry-type transformers, and dry-type transformers have entered buildings. The ring network cabinet has a simple structure, reliable and safe operation, small maintenance, and low operating costs. Compared with a switch cabinet equipped with a circuit breaker, the advantages are outstanding. Ring network cabinets require load switches to have higher performance and smaller size. New load switches have emerged at the historic moment, which in turn has led to the technical progress of ring network cabinets. Today's ring network cabinets not only have excellent performance and are serialized. This further expands the scope of use of ring network cabinets.