Circuit design

Circuit design

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The transmission room of Zhejiang Yingce Electric Power Design Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the design, consultation and general contract management services of transmission lines of 110kV and below. The design company has advanced computer-aided design (CAD) systems, circuit professional electrical (SLWCD) and towers, infrastructure design software, civil engineering PKPM design modules, file management information systems (EPM), office automation system-level RTK positioning systems, and It has been widely used in practical work, and has laid a solid hardware foundation for improving the company's management level and the quality of survey and design. The design company always adheres to the quality policy of "leading technology, safe and economical, careful design, and customer satisfaction", and provides users with high-quality line design and power design services.

Zhejiang Yingce Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, produces 20kv and 10kv medium-mounted cabinet ring network cabinets, box-type substations, GGD, GCK, GCS, MNS, XL low-voltage switch cabinets, DC screens and other electrical equipment.

The company is able to provide one-stop services for owners of electricity and power generation from design, product, construction, and power transmission to the grid. The company's first-class technology and first-class service are well received by customers.

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