MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

Product Details

MNS switchgear This series of low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is a modular type assembled from factory (FBA) with standard modules. Its technology has reached the international level in the late 1990s.

This series of low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for power plants, substations, petrochemicals, metallurgical rolling mills, transportation energy, light industrial textiles and other factories and mining enterprises, residential communities, high-rise buildings and other places as AC 50-60FHz, rated working voltage AC 680v and For power conversion, distribution, and control of power distribution equipment in the following power systems. This device complies with the national professional standards of GB7251.1 "Low-voltage complete switchgear" and JBT961 "Low-voltage withdrawable complete switchgear", and meets international professional standards such as IEC4391, VDEO660 Part 5.

Normal use environmental conditions

1. Zhou Guo air temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, not lower than 5 ℃, and its average temperature is not higher than + 35 ℃ within 24h

2. Atmospheric conditions. The air is clear. The relative temperature does not exceed 50% at the maximum temperature of 40 ° C. A higher relative diffuseness is allowed at lower temperatures, such as 90% at 20 ° C, but temperature changes should be considered. May cause accidental condensation

3. Altitude does not exceed 2000m

4. The loading capacity is suitable for the transportation and storage processes at the following temperatures: between 25 ° C and 5 ° C, within a short time and not exceeding 24) up to + 70 ° C. The loading capacity should not be at these extreme temperatures.

Suffered any irreparable damage and should work under normal conditions.

5. If the above conditions of use cannot be met, it should be resolved by the user and the manufacturer.

6. When this capacity is used in offshore oil drilling and production leveling and nuclear power plants, a separate technical agreement should be signed