GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

Product Details

GCS switchgear is suitable for power distribution systems in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile, and high-rise buildings. In places with a high degree of automation such as large power plants and petrochemical systems that require computer interface, as three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60} Hz rated working voltage is 380V (400V), (660V) rated current is 4000 and below. Low-voltage complete power distribution device for power distribution, centralized control of motors, and reactive power compensation

Main structure

1 The main frame adopts 8MF type open type, and the two sides of the type copper are respectively equipped with amp holes with a modulus of 20mm and oOmm and 99.2mm. Convenient internal living

2 The main frame assembly is designed in two types, fully assembled structure and partial (such as frame and horizontal mining) welded structure, allowing users to choose

3. Each functional room of the loading capacity is isolated from each other, and its compartments are divided into a functional unit room, a bus room and an electrical room. The role of each child is relatively independent.

4-horizontal main busbar adopts the rear-cabinet arrangement to increase the ability of the busbar to resist electromotive force.

5The design of the electric isolation declaration makes the electric filling up and down very convenient.