GGD AC low voltage power distribution cabinet

GGD AC low voltage power distribution cabinet

Product Details

GGD switchgear AC low-voltage power distribution cabinets are used in power distribution systems of power plants, substations, factories and mines, and other power users. The power distribution system has a rated working voltage of 380V and a rated working current of 3150A. It is used as power for power, lighting, and power distribution equipment. Conversion, distribution and control.

GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is a new type of low-voltage power distribution cabinet designed in accordance with the requirements of the superior in charge of the Ministry of Energy and the majority of power users and design departments, based on the principles of safety, economy, rationality and reliability. The product has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, strong practicability, new structure, and high protection level. It can be used as a replacement product of low-voltage complete switchgear.

GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinets comply with EC439 "Low-voltage complete switchgear and control equipment", GB7251 "Low-voltage complete switchgear" and other standards.

Conditions of Use

1. Zhou Guo air temperature is not higher than ten 40 ℃, not lower than 5 ℃, the average temperature within 24h must not be higher than +35 ℃;

2. For indoor installation and use, the sea height of the place of use shall not exceed 200om

3. The relative temperature of Zhou Guo's air should not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is + 40 ° C. A larger relative temperature should be allowed at a lower temperature (for example, 90% at 20 ° C). It may be accidental due to temperature changes. Effect of condensation

4.When the equipment is installed, the inclination with the straight face should not exceed 5 °

5.The equipment should be installed in a place without severe vibration and impact, and in a place that is not sufficient to subject the electrical components to decay;

6. When the user has special requirements, it can be resolved through consultation with the manufacturer.