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The difference between the center cabinet and the ring network cabinet
- 2019-11-15-

The center cabinet is called the metal armored center-removable switchgear. It belongs to a high-voltage power distribution device with an operating voltage of 3.6 / 7.2 / 12kV, and is an indoor complete power distribution device of a three-phase AC 50Hz single-bus section system or a double-bus section system. A type of switchgear used by end users. It is mainly used for the 6 ~ 10KV system power distribution room. The power receiving, circuit breaker and metering unit can be removed. It has a handcart structure. The protection of incoming lines and feed is complete. The current is generally 630 ~ 3150A. Full function and large size. Mainly used in power plants, small and medium-sized generators, power system secondary power substations, power transmission, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions, and large-scale high-voltage motor start.
Ring network cabinets are generally used in medium-voltage secondary power distribution or box transformers. The advantage is that the fixed structure has a small volume. Most of them are vacuum or SF6 gas-insulated load switches. There are also gas-generating load switches with low maintenance during use. It is also maintenance-free, but the rated current is generally 630 ~ 1250A. Most of the protection uses fuses, and some products also have circuit breaker solutions. They are mainly used in systems below 1000KVA transformers.
The differences between ring network cabinets and center cabinets are as follows:
1. The ring network cabinet is used for communication and isolation. The central cabinet is used for incoming and feeder lines.
2. Load switch and fuse are generally used in the ring network cabinet, while vacuum circuit breaker or gas circuit breaker is used in the central cabinet.
3. The difference between the ring network cabinet and the center cabinet is the breaking current. The ring network is 630A, and the center cabinet can achieve 3150A.
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