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Zhejiang Yingce Power takes you to understand our work
- 2019-08-27-

Zhejiang Yingce Electric Power is a company specializing in the power-related industry. The company has been engaged in the power industry for many years and has accumulated rich experience. Today, we will take you through our detailed service content.

Do you know how the electricity we use every day comes to you and becomes available for your use? Power is a cobweb-like transportation system.

We call it a power supply system. This requires a lot of principles, display line design, and then a series of steps such as power design and power transmission design to complete this huge project.

Electricity is both a friend and an enemy, and it depends on how you use it. Therefore, before the electrical equipment is powered, a trial operation is necessary. This important step must be performed carefully and carefully.

1. Check the installation project under the organization of technical staff, review the power distribution system diagram, and be familiar with the main points of operation.

2. Check the test and test results of each piece of equipment.

3. Check whether each switch is in the "off" state.

4. Special persons will be assigned to take care of the important parts. If necessary, a reminder will be required to avoid danger caused by ignorance.

The above steps must be taken seriously before power transmission, which means the end of construction and also foreshadows the start of power transmission.

When we engage in this industry, we must do it with a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. Each important area must be equipped with a skilled electrician, and a special guardian must be appointed. Participants in power transmission must have clear responsibilities and obey. command. According to the requirements of power transmission, the operator should wear labor protection supplies, wear insulation gloves, and be on the side of the human body. The operation is decisive.

When formulating a power transmission plan or plan, there must be safety guarantee measures and carefully check each power transmission circuit, especially the integrity of the insulation resistance and switches.

Make adequate electrical fire prevention preparations with fire extinguishing equipment. Do not stack combustible materials around.

The surrounding roads should be clear when transmitting power. Do not pile up debris and leave enough space for operation and monitoring.

After the power transmission is over, if you keep the power transmission status, you must arrange for a special person on duty and implement the duty system. If you stop the power transmission, you need to start from the load side, turn on the power switch successively, and finally turn on the main switch on the power side.

This is an important supervision guarantee in the later period, so we must be cautious and cautious in every link.