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Installation steps for center cabinet
- 2019-05-23-

Zhejiang Yingce Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, produces 20kv and 10kv medium-mounted cabinet ring network cabinets, box-type substations, GGD, GCK, GCS, MNS, XL low-voltage switch cabinets, DC screens and other electrical equipment.

The company is able to provide one-stop services for owners of electricity and power generation from design, product, construction, and power transmission to the grid. The company's first-class technology and first-class service are well received by customers.

installation steps

1. According to the needs of the project and the drawings, the switch cabinets are transported to their specific locations.If a row of longer switch cabinets are arranged (more than 10 units), the cabinet assembly work should start from the middle part.

2.It is strictly forbidden to use roller crowbar with specific transportation tools such as cranes or forklifts.

3.Remove the circuit breaker handcart from the switch cabinet and keep it elsewhere for safekeeping.

4.Unscrew the fixing bolts in front of the busbar compartment and remove the vertical partition. 9.

5.Unscrew the fixing bolt of the horizontal partition 19 below the circuit breaker compartment, and remove the horizontal partition.

6.Release and remove the bottom plate

7.Remove the cover plate 1 and 2 from the control wiring slot on the left side of the switch cabinet. The control wiring slot plate on the right front is also removed at the same time.

8.Install the switchgear one by one on the basis, including horizontal and vertical aspects.The unevenness of the switchgear installation must not exceed 2mm.

9. When the switchgear is fully assembled (spliced), it can be connected to the base channel steel with anchor screws or welded to the base channel steel firmly.

protective device


Applicable system: non-grounding, small resistance grounding, arc suppression coil grounding, and direct grounding system at voltage levels of 35KV and below;

Protection range: It can be used for line protection such as incoming and outgoing lines, as well as PT, main transformer backup protection, motor, capacitor, reactor and other equipment protection;

Protection function: universal type, more than 30 kinds of protection functions in one, regardless of the occasion, what function is needed to connect what line;

Measurement function: 0.2 level high-precision professional measurement, can measure more than ten kinds of electrical parameters;

Operating circuit: self-bounce, self-throwing with backup, self-holding function;

Product appearance: 100mm ultra-thin metal body, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, suitable for middle cabinets such as KYN28;


The center cabinet microcomputer protection device integrates multiple functions such as protection, measurement, monitoring, human-machine interface, communication, etc .; it is designed specifically for the switchgear unit, and one device can complete all the automation functions in the switchgear. , Simplifying the secondary design and construction of the switchgear, replacing various conventional relays and measuring instruments, saving a lot of installation space and control cables; this protection is an economical protection, the current measurement is through the protection of the CT input The current is not used to measure CT. This kind of measurement is suitable for occasions with less demanding and purely used to monitor grid parameters.