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10KV ring network cabinet principle, how much do you know?
- 2019-05-23-

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At first, please understand the ring network cabinet, the models include: 10KV ring network cabinet , 20KV ring network cabinet and so on.

The ring network cabinet is a group of high-voltage switchgear installed in a steel plate metal cabinet or made of an assembled ring-type ring network power supply unit. Its core uses load switches and fuses. It has a simple structure, small size, low price, and Improve power supply parameters and performance and power supply safety.


The ring network refers to a ring-shaped power distribution network, that is, the power supply main line forms a closed loop, and the power supply supplies power to this ring main line, and then distributes power from the main line to the outside through the high-voltage switch. The advantage of this is that each distribution branch can take power from its left main line as well as its right main line. When the left main line fails, it continues to receive power from the right main line, and when the right main line fails, it continues to receive power from the left main line. In this way, although the main power supply is single-channel, However, for each distribution branch, a benefit similar to that of dual power supply is obtained, thereby improving the reliability of power supply.

The so-called "ring network cabinet" is to set up a switch cabinet (outlet switch cabinet) for each distribution branch, and the bus of this switch cabinet is also part of the ring trunk. In other words, the ring-shaped trunk line is composed of the bus bars of each outlet cabinet. Each outlet cabinet is called a "ring network cabinet". In fact, if you take out a ring network cabinet alone, you can't see the meaning of "ring network".

The rated currents of these ring network cabinets are not large. Therefore, high voltage switches of ring network cabinets generally do not adopt circuit breakers with complicated structures and adopt simple high voltage load switches with high voltage fuses. In other words, the high-voltage switch in the ring network cabinet is generally a load switch. Ring network cabinets use load switches to operate normal currents, and fuses to cut short-circuit currents, which combine to replace circuit breakers. Of course this can only be limited to a certain capacity.

Such a switchgear can also be used in a non-ring network structure power distribution system. Therefore, with the wide application of this type of switchgear, the "ring network cabinet" has jumped out of the scope of ring network power distribution and refers to load switching High voltage switchgear for main switch.