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Electricity is enemy and friend
- 2019-08-09-

Electricity is a natural phenomenon and generally refers to lightning. It is a property of the repulsive force and attraction generated between subatomic particles such as electrons and protons. It is a phenomenon of intense friction between positive and negative charges.

The discovery of electricity is like the discovery of fire, which greatly changed the current situation of people's lives, until he began to be used by humans. Its discovery and application greatly saved human brain and physical activities, thereby promoting the emergence of a new era.

It can be said that without electricity, humans are still groping in the dark.

Electricity is needed to transport electricity to people. It is like running water into millions of households. It is composed of a huge transport network. Transporting water requires circuit design. Transporting electricity also requires transmission design. It is a huge power transmission. Internet, intricate.

Electricity is our friend. It has helped my life. It can be said that we cannot eat or work without electricity. These are not exaggerated.

However, electricity is also a dangerous product. Do not try to shake hands with him. Pay attention to protection. It is the electric shock that we know. Electric shock is very dangerous. Avoid direct contact with the plug at all times. Pay attention to timely protection, repair, install light bulbs, and turn off the switch. To prevent electric shock.

The benefits of electricity are many and potentially dangerous, so don't take it lightly.

We must learn to make electricity as convenient as possible for us, not for its disadvantages. It is good to use. It is our good friend. For example, in the hot summer, if there is no electricity, you only rely on a fan. It is estimated that you will be full of cripples all over. You have electricity in the hot summer, so that you can still stay in the cool winter, eat the cool popsicles, and live a comfortable summer.